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C.C. Catch music, songs
C.C.Catch - Catch The Catch (Full Album) 1986.

C. C. Catch - Strangers By Night

C.C Catch - disco Queen

C.C.Catch Discoteka 80 Moscow 2011 HQ

CC Catch - Cause You Are Young (HD)

CC Catch mega mix xxl

modern talking & cc catch

C.C. Catch in Dusseldorf

C. C. Catch's Greatest Hits | The Best Of C. C. Catch

C. C. Catch - Discoteka 80s Moscow 2011 HD

Diskoteka 80 - Eruption, Ottawan, CC Catch, Lian Ross, Opus, Silent Circle, Thomas Anders

CC Catch - Heartbreak Hotel (HD)

C.C.CATCH🔥CADILLAC 🔥REMIX 2017 🔥Mixed Version

C.C. Catch "Jump in My Car"

C.C.Catch Discoteka 80 Moscow 2014 Anniversary Megamix Heaven and Hell


Amandeep on Aug 24th, 2012

Appaerntly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout.

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