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C.C. Catch music, songs
C.C.Catch - Catch The Catch (Full Album) 1986.

C. C. Catch - Strangers By Night

C.C Catch - disco Queen

C.C.Catch Discoteka 80 Moscow 2011 HQ

C.C. Catch - "Soul Survivor"

C.C.Catch Discoteka 80 Moscow 2014 Anniversary Megamix Heaven and Hell

CC Catch Megamix

👍 C.C.Catch (Си Си Кетч) Дискотека 80-х Авторадио 2015

C C CATCH - Strangers by night (Long 12'' Version Video Clip)

C. C. Catch - Soul Survivor

Diskoteka 80 - Eruption, Ottawan, CC Catch, Lian Ross, Opus, Silent Circle, Thomas Anders

Chris Norman C.C.Catch. Stumblin' in / 2013 /HD /Diskoteka 80

C C Catch - Casino "Sobranie" - Kaliningrad - 10.02.2018.

C.C. Catch "Jump in My Car"

C. C. Catch - Nothing But a Heartache (1989)


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